Veteran trees and saproxylic insects in the floodplains of Lower Morava and Dyje rivers, Czech Republic

By miklin, 15.3.2017

Veteran and solitary trees are key structures supporting biodiversity in many wooded ecosystems. Their global decline threatens numerous organisms associated with them, including several insect species protected by law that serve as umbrella species. The floodplain along the lower Morava and Dyje rivers is considered a hotspot for saproxylic organisms associated with veteran trees. The area is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and part of NATURA 2000. Between 2006 and 2015, we mapped 11,596 veteran and habitat trees in the area. The mapping also included the distribution of several insects associated with veteran trees including three beetle species (Cerambyx cerdo, Osmoderma barnabita, and Eurythyrea quercus) and two ant species (Liometopum microcephalum and Lasius fuliginosus). The data on the position, abundance, diameter, forest structure and health of the veteran trees and trees inhabited by the above species are presented in a map created in ArcGIS Online. These data serve as an important source of information for the management of nature conservation of the area.

Keywords: ArcGIS online, thematic cartography, nature conservation, veteran trees, endangered species, Lower Morava UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

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Citace: Miklín, J., Hauck, D., Konvička, O. & Čížek, L. (2017): Veteran trees and saproxylic insects in the floodplains of lower Morava and Dyje rivers, Czech Republic. Journal of Maps, 13(2): 291-299. doi:10.1080/17445647.2017.1300785